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Run-DMC Plans One Last Show

Run-DMC Plans One Last Show

Run-DMC Plans One Last Show. The legendary group announces one last performance. It’ll be a part of their upcoming documentary.

Run-DMC Prepares Their Last Show

Run-DMC Plans One Last Show. According to the hip-hop pioneers themselves, Rev Run and DMC plan to give their fan base just one more stellar performance.

During an interview with Rock The Bells, Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels confirmed he and Joseph ‘Run’ Simmons will rock the crowd one last time.

Then, the iconic trio turned duo will officially hang up their Adidas. Unsurprisingly, the show takes place in New York this spring at Madison Square Garden.

“Run-DMC is over,” he said. “The only way Run-DMC gets back together is if The Beatles get back together. Can that happen?”

McDaniels continues:

“The final show that we are ever going to do is going to be at Madison Square Garden in April,” DMC continued. “It’s going to be the last episode of the documentary we’re doing. Run-DMC’s last show ever. ‘Cause it’s time for Run to go be Paul McCartney and me to be John Lennon. We done did what we could do.”

Their career spans about forty years, and an official retirement sounds quite befitting. Interestingly, the aforementioned documentary is conveniently named Run-DMC is Over.

Run-DMC Is Hip Hop Royalty

Also, he explains that attendees can anticipate appearances from megastars like Ice T and Wu-Tang.

“The show is going to be like The Last Waltz by The Band,” he added. “We’re doing that movie idea. You’ll see Ice-T come and do a song with us. You’ll see Wu-Tang come do a song with us. Anybody can buy a ticket to the show.”

Elsewhere, they intend to release the documentary via Netflix. Or the highest bidder offering a pretty penny.

“We’re gonna do it with Netflix or to the highest bidder,” he said. “It’s going to be a live production. Run-DMC’s doing The Last Waltz at Madison Square Garden. Who wants to pay $100 million to own it?”

Of course, it’ll be worth the investment. The Queens natives gave us hits like King of Rock, and the Holiday classic, Christmas in Hollis.

Sadly, their third member and DJ, Jam Master Jay was gunned down in 2002. Jay was in his Queens, NY recording studio when the tragedy occurred.

Simmons and McDaniels carried the group and eventually broke into reality TV.

From music to fashion, they’ve influenced the culture while bridging the generational gap over the years. They’re forever engraved in hip-hop history.

Certainly, they deserve all of their flowers—and that’s the way it is!
Run-DMC Plans One Last Show

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