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Beyonce & Blue Ivy On Stage In Dubai

Beyonce & Blue Ivy On Stage In Dubai

Beyonce & Blue Ivy On Stage In Dubai. The singer returned to the stage. It has been four – years since she performed.

Queen Bae’s Show Was Spectacular

Beyonce & Blue Ivy On Stage In Dubai. As always, Beyonce gave her fans a phenomenal performance. Where should I begin?

First, Beyonce presence on the stage was magical. There was no expense spared.

Second, it was an added bonus to see her perform with her daughter. Blue Ivy sang alongside her mother.

Not only that, Blue Ivy was adorned in a red sequined pants suit. While Beyonce wore a beautiful yellow sequined gown.

The performance of “Brown Skin Girl” was an anthem for women. So, it made sense to add it to the show.

However, Beyonce sang the hell out of Etta James “At Last.” More importantly, accompanying Beyonce was an Middle Eastern orchestra.

She performed hits such as, “Crazy In Love”, “Naughty Girl”, “Halo”, and “XO.” But she did not sing any songs from “Renaissance.”

Nevertheless, the star-studded event was on for the books. Some of the celebrities in attendance included, Nia Long, and Kyle Jenner.

Of course, her husband Jay-Z, 3 children Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir were there. Sitting beside her family was Tina her mom.

To top it off, Matthew Knowles Beyonce’s father attended. According to TMZ, recording devices were banned.

In other words, no one was allowed to take photos. Well, that did not work. As you can see, social media has highlights posted.


The Atlantis Royal Resort Is The Newest Luxury Hotel

This luxury hotel was crafted by world’s leading designers. It’s architecture is very unique.

There are 90 pools, luxury suites, and views of the Arabian Sea. Moreover, the nightlife is said to be lit.

Also, it was no accident that Beyonce was chosen for the pre-opening.

According to People, the hefty $24 million Beyonce was paid was well worth it. As a matter of fact, only 1000 guest were selected.

Did I forget, to mention, Beyonce’s protege’s Hailey and her sister Chloe were there. It was a night to remember.

beyonce in dubai

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