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PinkPantheress Noticed I Cried

PinkPantheress Noticed I Cried

PinkPantheress Noticed I Cried. PinkPantheress rose to fame on TikTok last year. Well, let’s get into her hit song Noticed I Cried.

PinkPantheress Goes Viral

PinkPantheress Noticed I Cried. Certainly, the English songstress is a fan favorite within Generation Z.

Amid the pandemic, the singer dropped snippets of her original songs like Just A Waste.

Subsequently, her hit song Notice I Cried went viral on TikTok.

Ultimately, this opened the door for her to snag a record deal with Elektra Records.

Of course, it’s a song about love and the breakups that sometimes come along with it.

Not to mention, with over 12 million likes on TikTok, 1 million-plus YouTube views, and a collab with Willow Smith, she’s going places.

So, what do the words say?

Lyrics To Noticed I Cried

 Well, the first verse goes something like this according to She quickly lets her former love know they THOUGHT they broke her heart. 

“It was early last week, you said we didn’t really have that much in common. But what did you really gain from it? We split in two, now you don’t want me. Now it’s the start of July. You thought that you broke my heart and now every time that you see me you vanish. ‘Cause you assumed you really mattered. But I was sound, I had it patterned. Now you’re a burden of mine.”

Furthermore, the chorus not so subtly reminds said person they’re nothing more than a burden.

“Did you notice I cried, but only just a little bit? Tell you I lied, then split down in the middle. ‘Cause you’re taking one side, not the side that I like. Because you know I can’t lie when you’re in my mind. You’re too cruel to be kind and I know that from experience. I can hear your replies, but it’s maybe that I’m hearing things. And I heard all your lies, there’s no lies that I like. So I’ll take that as a sign, you’re a burden of mine.”

Surely, this young London vocalist has a lot to say. Although the song is more like an interlude, she certainly got straight to the point and dropped some gems.

Seriously, to tell someone you cried over them only a little because you ultimately remembered your worth is top tier!

Shine on PinkPantheress.


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