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Missy & Timbaland Finishing Up New Album

Missy & Timbaland Finishing Up New Album

Missy & Timbaland Finishing Up New Album. It’s been 15 years since Missy & Timbaland released an album. This new joint project promises to be fire.

Timbaland & Missy Together Again Creating Music

Missy & Timbaland Finishing Up New Album. Timbaland hopes the album will be released by July.

In a Hip Hop DX report, Timbaland announced Missy’s new album will have a “Latin feel.”

It is a bit of a divergence from her other albums. This time, Timbaland and Missy wanted to create something fresh and new.

By doing so, the hope is to gain a new audience. The joint project is a long time coming.

Not that Timbaland and Missy have not been working. Timbaland has other projects in the works with Justin Timberlake.

And Missy is busy working in the studio. Timbaland said,

“We’ve got a lot of songs we’re gonna start recording soon, and my dream is to have it out around her birthday in July,” he said. “I want it to sound how she looks — she looks incredible right now. We both look like we 19 again. I know how Missy works: It’s got to be new and fun — or maybe not so much new as kind of underground, and everything is upbeat.”

As we all know, Timbaland and Missy have always created magic together.

In other words, you can say they have the “Midas touch.” We are guaranteed a hit when Timbaland and Missy go into the studio.

Also, both understand how to produce music people want to hear.

Needless to say, fans are waiting patiently for the upcoming album.

Here is one of my favs, by Timbaland and Missy,

As a matter of fact, Timbaland and Missy are a dynamic duo. Time and time again, they produce the hits.

We are truly looking forward to their new music. Both Timbaland and Missy have a global appeal.

Hopefully, the album will be done by July.

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