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Timbaland Receives Variety’s Pioneer Award

Timbaland Receives Variety’s Pioneer Award

Timbaland  Receives Variety’s Pioneer Award. The award is being given for his creating and producing music. He will be celebrated in Miami.

Timbaland Receives Accolades For His Pioneering Work

Timbaland  Receives Variety’s Pioneer Award. Timothy Mosley began using studio equipment at age 19.

On his equipment, Timbaland was able to create a unique sound. And he gained the attention of rapper extraordinaire Missy Elliott.

Timbaland and Missy were from Virginia. In the 1990s, Timbaland, Missy, and Magoo formed a powerful merger.

That is, the musical sound was unique and futuristic. Never before had Hip Hop heard such a profound combination of music.

Producer DeVante Swing was very instrumental in teaching Timbaland the ropes.

Britannica reports Timbaland’s creative production skills were noticed in Aaliyah’s (1996) “One in a Million” song.

Afterward, Timbaland signed with Blackground Records. He was both a solo and duo act with Magoo.

Magoo and Timbaland’s first project came out in 1997 (Welcome to Our World).

Aaliyah and Missy were featured on “Up Jumps da Boogie.” 

Because of Timbaland’s unique beats, he became well sought after.

It gets better; Timbaland produced songs with Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Ginuwine, and Ludacris.

However, I believe Timbaland produced his most excellent work with Missy Elliott.

Especially since it was Missy who caused Timbaland to have tremendous success.

Don’t get it twisted; Timbaland has produced for Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Bjork.

To say that Timbaland’s sound was before its time is an understatement.

Variety puts it this way, Timbaland is working with Beatclub to collaborate on 45 projects.

As a result, Timbaland will provide tons of support for new artists.

Even Timbaland admits he is in his “Quincey Jones” phase.

In case you don’t know, Quincey Jones is one of the greatest producers ever.

Having said this, Timbaland is deserving of Variety’s Pioneer Award.

Clearly, Timbaland’s contribution to Hip Hop is dually noted.

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