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DJ Drama Wants A Verzuz W DJ Khaled

DJ Drama Wants A Verzuz W DJ Khaled

DJ Drama Wants A Verzuz W DJ Khaled. Verzuz’s have become very popular. And, DJ Drama is ready for battle.

Who Would Win A DJ Battle Drama Or Khaled?

DJ Drama Wants A Verzuz W DJ Khaled. The question is, would DJ Drama beat DJ Khaled or not? During his interview on Hot 97’s Ebro, Drama talked about doing a Verzuz. It may have been Khaled’s statement.

According to Complex, DJ Khaled admitted he would “smoke” anybody. However, it would be interesting to see it happen. In a separate interview with N.O.R.E., suggested DJ Khaled should do a Verzuz.

Khaled never mentioned names in his declaration. But it was implied in some way. A Verzuz with both DJs would be interesting. Especially since they are some of the hottest in the game.

Of course, that is a matter of opinion. Then Drama told Peter Rosenberg, “Nobody’s touching me in my talk game.” He then proceeded to laugh. Nevertheless, Drama admitted he would love to do a Verzuz with Khaled.

Also, he shared this,

“Listen, on the Khaled situation, I just want to leave it here: I’ve said my piece about, you know, I’m with all the smoke,” he said. “I would love to do it. It’s great for Verzuz. … I have a catalog of records, I have a catalog of projects. I have two superstar artists, Lil Uzi Vert and Jack Harlow. … And this is the thing, listen, I have said Khaled’s name, let’s see Khaled say Drama’s name. I wanna see on record, someone ask Khaled, ‘What do you think about DJ Drama in a Verzuz?’ And let me put it like this: I do nothing but tip my hat and salute to that man and his accomplishments, and the greatness that he’s done for the culture. It’s all love, it’s just competition. When we get on that court, I’m ready to bust anybody’s ass.”

Now, that sounds like a challenge. Do you think Khaled would oblige Drama? This might be a very interesting Verzuz. For the most part, only Hip-Hop and R&B groups have performed in Verzuz’s.

Having said this, surely fans would like to see the two DJs go head to head. What do you think? Who would win Drama or Khaled?

dj drama vs dj khaled

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