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Diddy Calls Out Streaming Services

Diddy Calls Out Streaming Services

Diddy Calls Out Streaming Services. Of course, Diddy’s known for calling the shots. Now, he has some words for streaming platforms.

Diddy VS Streaming Services

Diddy Calls Out Streaming Services. Currently, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs isn’t appeased by digital service providers.

Apparently, they’re repressing his ability to put out music. Thus, the Grammy-winning artist is within reason for his boisterous rant. Recently, the Bad Boy mogul took to Instagram to rant about service providers like Spotify and Apple Music.

Combs let it all out. Here’s his message to streaming platforms:

“Yeah we gotta change tone. Check this out, if you work for Apple or Spotify and y’all got these rules and regulations, we gotta drop our music when you want us to drop our music — yo, I drop my music when the fuck I want to drop my music. And y’all gonna have to catch up, it’s all good.”

Additionally, he expressed his aversion to social media algorithms. As well as, the multiple people attempting to control artists’ musical productivity.

“These people out here trying to control me. They trying to control us, fuck that. I ain’t being controlled. I’m being fucking free, I ain’t come all this way to listen to some fucking algorithm, computer rules — fuck that.”

Clearly, Diddy isn’t letting up on these platforms. And he urges supporters to stream his music despite the confusion. He continued:

“I want to make it totally clear, if you fuck with my shit, play it. If you don’t, it’s all good. You can not stop this. You can not never, ever, ever stop this. No computers, not you not your job, not your media base — you cannot stop the feeling of the frequency never, ever, ever, on God.”

Well, there’s no clarity on when he’ll release new music. However, Diddy recently hit the studio with super producer Dr. Dre.

Furthermore, he and Bryson Tiller’s single Gotta Move On, took Summer by storm. As the owner of Revolt TV, perhaps he’ll see fit to branch out into a music streaming platform of his own.

Do you agree with the Bad Boy turned Love records visionary?

Diddy Calls Out Streaming Services

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