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Deep Wounds Polo G

Deep Wounds Polo G

Deep Wounds Polo G. Of course, Chicago drill rapper Polo G continues to put on for his city. Let’s get into his hit Deep Wounds.

Polo G Deep Wounds

Deep Wounds Polo G. At times Polo G will deliver more melodic tunes in his music.

Well, that’s exactly what he did with Deep Wounds.

The single from his debut Die A Legend album boasts over 40 million YouTube streams

So, what exactly does the song talk about? Similar to his song Effortless, he tells a story with full vulnerability.

Additionally, PG beings the song by shouting out his producer D Major. Here’s the chorus:

“D. Major baby… I’ve been scarred by your love, left my heart bleeding. My soul posted in the shadow with some dark demons. I’m on the E-way in a fast foreign car speeding, .223 sped out quick when that chopper ringing. We ain’t never ducking beef, bitch, we not vegan. My lil’ niggas ‘bout that action, they be Glock-squeezing. Red beams on his head, now his top leaking. I heard that boy got man down and now the opps grieving.”

And The Verses

Furthermore, Polo gets deeper when you hear verse one.

“I miss my girl, I won’t forget the things you used to say. My friends got killed on the same block where we used to play. I know that death come unexpected, you can’t choose a day. I swear I pop so many pills shit got me losing weight. One minute life was so hard she had me losing faith. I know my haters checking on me, I’ve been doin’ great. I couldn’t get wrapped up in that drama, had to move away. Everything could change, depend on what you do today. You gotta live with each decision that you chose to make. I used to hustle to survive, I found a newer way. Remember high speeds in the Hawk, tryna lose the jakes. You got your life in your hands until you lose a case. So much potential in the lives these niggas threw away. They dreaming about my freedom every night I used to pray. I got that check and stayed loyal, make sure my shooters straight. Heard he went unidentified, them hollows chewed his face.”

Lastly, verse two:

“Lil Duck hop out in traffic, let them things bust
Lil Joe be bugging, he’ll make you give your chain up. This shit too deep, no I can never give my gang up. Shit’ll never be the same, them trenches changed us. My niggas gone, miss them days when we came up. If I could be with you, give all the money and the fame up. That pain was so unbearable, I almost gave up. First we was broke, but now I’m swerving in the Range truck. We was wilding in them streets, the savage what they named us. When it’s violence on our side of town, they blame us. Smith & Wesson torch a nigga, he get flamed up. Them .40 shells crack his head, fuck your brain up.”

Either way, Polo G comes with that fire. What’s your favorite Polo song?

Polo G

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