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Dame Dash Launches New Record Label Division In The Midwest

Dame Dash Launches New Record Label Division In The Midwest

Dame Dash Launches New Record Label Division In The Midwest. In a groundbreaking move in the music industry, legendary entrepreneur and music mogul Dame Dash has announced the launch of a new record label division in the Midwest. This exciting development marks a significant expansion for Dame Dash and his record label empire, bringing new opportunities for aspiring artists to the heart of America.

Dame Dash Launches Midwest Expansion Featuring Kitti Red

Dame Dash Launches New Record Label Division In The Midwest.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024. The former Roc-A-Fella Records mogul continues to make power moves.

His latest venture will take him to the Midwest to find talent. One of his new artists has already been introduced. Dame interviewed Kitti Red, and they talked about her journey in music.

According to Hip Hop DX,  the Dame’s new label division is Blue Roc Indy. The label will be launched in Indiana, and Kitti Red will be part of the launch.

By launching a new record label division in the Midwest, Dame Dash is tapping into a vibrant and diverse music scene. All while providing a platform for talented artists.

This artist will be able to showcase their talent on a larger scale.

Exciting Development: New Record Label Division Launched

Launching a new record label division is a testament to Dame’s ongoing vision for hip-hop. Dame has been a pioneer in the genre for decades.

Once again, Dame will have the opportunity to nurture new talent. We all know Dame has an excellent track record and a keen eye for talent.

As we have seen in the lives of the artists, he helped launch his career.

This time, the Midwest artist will go mainstream with Dame’s expertise. Roc-A-Fella Record Label launched the careers of Cam’ron, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleak, and Dipset.

More importantly, Dame, along with Jay-Z, helped a young Kanye West, as stated by Afrotech. Not to mention, Jay-Z’s career took off as a result of Roc-A-Fella Records.

So, as you can see, Dame is one of the best in the hip-hop community.

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