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Kanye West Snatches TMZ Reporter’s Cell Phone

Kanye West Snatches TMZ Reporter’s Cell Phone

Kanye West Snatches TMZ Reporter’s Cell Phone. In a shocking turn of events, rapper Kanye West was embroiled in a fiery confrontation with an alleged TMZ reporter outside. The incident escalated to such an extent that the police had to intervene to ensure the safety of everyone present—the clash erupted over a question that the reporter asked Kanye about his wife, Bianca Censori. The situation quickly escalated after Kanye addressed the female reporter about her off-colored question. At some point, an officer showed up to the incident.

Kanye West’s Fiery Confrontation: Police Intervene

Kanye West Snatches TMZ Reporter’s Cell Phone.

Page Six says the incident almost became a battleground for Kanye and the reporter. Kanye was appalled at the question she asked concerning his wife’s freedom.

On January 29, 2024, Kanye was walking down a Los Angeles street. While he was walking, the paparazzi started asking him questions.

At first, it appeared Kanye was not bothered; however, when asked this question, “People want to know if Bianca has her free will? People are saying you are controlling her.”

That did not go over well with the rapper, who immediately went in on the reporter. Kanye allegedly grabbed the reporter’s phone while trying to engage her.

The report would not answer Kanye, who hurled questions back at her. He replied by saying,

“I don’t give a fuck. Don’t come ask me some dumb-ass shit. I’m a person, bro! Don’t come ask me that dumb-ass shit. You got kids? Exactly. So what do you do? Who do you work for? Why do you feel like it’s okay?”

Then he continued,

“I’m a human being. TMZ, y’all set celebrities up. All this bullshit. I don’t care what y’all gonna do, what y’all got to say. Don’t come at me with that shit. Walk up on me like that. What you think ’cause you a White woman you can walk up on me like that?”

As the confrontation escalated, tensions reached a boiling point, and the need for police intervention became apparent. Officers on the scene did not have to arrest anyone, as stated by Hip Hop DX.

It all ended with Kanye allegedly tossing the phone back to the reporter. But not before Kanye offered her a job, making double her salary. At this point, the reporter smiled at Kanye.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

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