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Complex Names 21 Savage Best Rapper In 2022

Complex Names 21 Savage Best Rapper In 2022

Complex Names 21 Savage Best Rapper In 2022. This is quite an honor to be bestowed on a young rapper.Does Savage live up to the name?

21 Savage “has solidified his place as a rap heavyweight”, as reported by Complex.

However, She`yaa Abraham claims he is not looking for recognition. In fact, during the phone conversation with Complex, he shared this,

“I just feel a lot of people lose their spot trying to take somebody else’s.” He went on to say, “Id rather just keep trying to outdo myself, over and over.”

It was surprising to say the least. Most young rappers pride themselves in being the best. Or that is what they tell their fans.

Nevertheless, he is considered to be the MVP in 2022. There is always some skepticism.

In other words, some would say Savage’s lyrics are allegedly wicked. It’s possible his body of work speaks for itself.

Especially since, he has worked with Drake. Not to mention, Savage was able to hold his own.

Both Drake and Savage have collaborated on “Sneakin, and “Knife Talk.”

By the way, Complex claims the song of the year was,”Jimmy Hooks.”

The album that set Savage apart was “Her Loss.” Again, Complex claims this album dominated hip-hop discussions.

At the same time, Savage’s rap style reached new heights. But fans are not buying the title given to Savage, as reported by TMZ.

Fans claim Savage did not release any solo project in 2022. Therefore, he shouldn’t be given the title of “Best Rapper in 2022.”

At any rate, fans are entitled their opinions. Keep in mind, this honor comes from Complex.

It does not necessarily mean other in the hip-hop community agree.

In other news, Savage new album should be dropping this year. He promises this album will be his best yet.

21 Savage Gives Jay-Z His Props

When Savage was asked, who is the best rapper alive? Of course, he said it was Jay-Z.

Moreover, Savage tends to credit rapper Jay-Z for inspiring him. In terms of, setting the bar high.

In reality, Jay-Z has had a long and prosperous rap career. To top it off, Jay’s music has transcended with him.

Not to mention, people still want to hear Jay’s music.

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