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Billboard’s 50 Greatest MCs Receives Backlash

Billboard’s 50 Greatest MCs Receives Backlash

Billboard’s 50 Greatest MCs Receives Backlash. Vibe and Billboard collaborated to create it.. However, some rappers names were left off.

Ice Cube Is Not Impressed With Billboards Greatest Rappers List

Billboard’s 50 Greatest MCs Receives Backlash. The list was created to commensurate 50 years of rap.

But not every rapper is impressed by the list. In fact, both Ice Cube and Ja Rule had something to say about their selection.

And, rightfully so. Of course, Jay-Z took the number one spot. There is no surprised there.

Also, there was no surprise that Kendrick Lamar made top five. It appears, Billboard and Vibe’s editorial team created the list.

This is how Billboard and Vibe made their determinations.

According to Billboard, only MCs from North America would be on the list.

Then they decided not to include reggaeton and dancehall MCs.

From there, the criteria was body of work/achievements, such as charted singles, albums, and gold/platinum.

In addition, cultural impact/influence, longevity and vocal prowess were added.

Moreover, Billboard and Vibe expected some criticism for their choices. Not every one would receive their list well.

Billboard and Vibe felt the choices were well thought out.


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Needless to say, their is considerable backlash from rappers. As I mentioned, Ice Cube and Ja Rule are not impressed.

In fact, Ice Cube shared his thoughts,

Now, we know what Ice Cube thinks. Check out what Ja Rule said,

An article in Complex shared this,

“Granted, it’s likely that Ja was more frustrated with the countless post-Y2K rappers who made the list, including Rick Ross (No. 50), Gucci Mane (No. 38), Future (No. 35), J. Cole (No. 15), Kanye West (No. 11), Nicki Minaj (No. 10), and Drake (No. 8), among others.”

I can see why both Ice Cube and Ja Rule have issues with the list. Not only that, Ice Cube does have a point.

Is the BB list irrelevant? After all, the list was created by editors.  Keep in mind, the list only had certain criteria.

Other factors should have been considered. Perhaps, BB and Vibe could have consulted with music producers and executives.

Obviously, their knowledge base leave a lot to be desire.

Having said this, I bet BB and Vibe will be more careful next time.

Generally speaking, I disagreed with Nicki Minaj making the top ten. Why was Queen Latifah not in the top ten.

Yes, Minaj should be included on the list. How could BB not included Lil Kim, MC Lyte, and Salt-N-Pepa in the top 20.

Really, Billboard, you didn’t get this right.

ice cube n ja rule

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