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Lil Wayne’s Response To Andre 3000’s Rap Age Concern

Lil Wayne’s Response To Andre 3000’s Rap Age Concern

Lil Wayne’s Response To Andre 3000’s Rap Age Concern. In rap music, age has always been discussed and debated. Recently, Andre 3000, the legendary rapper from Outkast, shared his concerns about the age limit in rap. He believed that once artists reach a certain age, their relevance in the genre diminishes. This statement sparked a response from another iconic rapper, Lil Wayne, who had a different take.

Lil Wayne’s Reaction to Andre 3000’s Concerns on Rap Age

Lil Wayne’s Response To Andre 3000’s Rap Age Concern.

Weezy is a prominent figure in the rap industry, so his point of view is essential.

Lil Wayne disagreed when asked about Andre 3000’s concerns about the rap age.

According to People, Lil Wayne does not feel that an artist’s relevance diminishes as they age.

He argued that age should not determine an artist’s ability to create impactful music.

According to Lil Wayne, age should not matter as long as artists are passionate and dedicated to their craft.

They can continue making meaningful contributions to the rap genre regardless of age.

Lil Wayne mentions,

“I read a depressing quote or two from someone that I respect a lot in hip-hop and music, period,”

That is why Lil Wayne decided to address what Andre 3000 said.

Although he did not mention Andre’s name, it was clear who he was talking about.

Meanwhile, Andre 3000 believes there is a diminishing relevance as artists age.

Wayne emphasizes the importance of passion and dedication to the craft.

Both viewpoints hold valid arguments, and seeing how this debate will evolve will be interesting.

Ultimately, the rap industry should appreciate and recognize the contributions of artists.

Regardless of their age, as long as they continue to create exceptional music and connect with their audience.

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