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Beyonce Drops ‘You Won’t Break My Soul’

Beyonce Drops ‘You Won’t Break My Soul’

Beyonce just released her single, You Won’t Break My Soul. And it’s her first dro from her upcoming album, Renaissance.

Beyonce’s Song, You Won’t Break My Soul, Is First Single From Renaissance

Beyonce is back, with the first single You Won’t Break My Soul. from her next studio album, Renaissance.

And she got everybody feeling some type of way with this new anthem for the times we are living in.

We’ve all been singing this song in one way or another since the pandemic hit.

Produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream, this strong, dance-heavy single is powerful and uplifting.

She even has Jay-Z credited as one of the writers, along with Adam Pigott.

Plus, you can hear a sample of Robin S’s Show Me Love.

Big Freedia Featured On New Single, ‘You Won’t Break My Soul’

Additionally, she tapped Big Freedia on this one, y’all.

Not even able to contain her excitement after its release, she took to social media to express her gratefulness –

You can hear the song below, but first, check out some of the lyrics

Uplifting And Powerful Lyrics

[Verse 1: Beyoncé]
Now, I Just Fell In Love
And I Just Quit My Job
I’m Gonna Find New Drive
Damn, They Work Me So Damn Hard
Work By Nine, Then Off Past Five
And They Work My Nerves
That’s Why I Cannot Sleep At Night

[Verse 2: Beyoncé]
I’ma Let Down My Hair ‘Cause I Lost My Mind
Bey Is Back And I’m Sleeping Real Good At Night
The Queens In The Front And The Doms In The Back
Ain’t Taking No Flicks But The Whole Clique Snapped
There’s A Whole Lot Of People In The House
Trying To Smoke With The Yak In Your Mouth
(Good At Night) And We Back Outside
You Said You Outside, But You Ain’t That Outside
Worldwide Hoodie With The Mask Outside
In Case You Forgot How We Act Outside

(You can feel how powerful these words are, as we’re all ready to break free from the past few years)

[Verse 3: Beyoncé]
If You Don’t Seek It, You Won’t See It
That, We All Know (Can’t Break My Soul)
If You Don’t Think It, You Won’t Be It
That Love Ain’t Yours (Can’t Break My Soul)
Trying To Fake It, Never Makes It
That, We All Know (Can’t Break My Soul)
You Can Have The Stress And Not Take Less
I’ll Justify Love
We Go Round In Circles, Round In Circles
Searching For Love (Round In Circles)
We Go Up And Down, Lost And Found
Searching For Love
Looking For Something That Lives Inside Me
Looking For Something That Lives Inside Me

[Bridge: Beyoncé]
I’m Taking My New Salvation
And I’ma Build My Own Foundation, Yeah!
Got Motivation (Motivation)
I Done Found Me A New Foundation, Yeah! (New Foundation)
I’m Taking My New Salvation (New Salvation)
And I’ma Build My Own Foundation, Yeah! (Own Foundation)

Check out the lyric video for Beyonce’s You Won’t Break My Soul for yourself right now.

Get ready for Renaissance to drop on July 29th.

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