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Boneyard: Curtis Jackson and Mel Gibson Dive Into West Mesa Murders

Boneyard: Curtis Jackson and Mel Gibson Dive Into West Mesa Murders

Hollywood heavyweights Curtis Jackson and Mel Gibson are starring in the true crime movie ‘Boneyard’. The new project delves into the chilling true crime story of the West Mesa Murders. This collaboration is leaving fans wondering what these two powerhouse actors have in store for audiences. You can see the trailer below.

Curtis Jackson and Mel Gibson Take on Chilling True Crime Story in ‘Boneyard’

Did you ever think you would see Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson in the role as a police officer? Get ready.

With their impressive resumes and diverse range of roles, Curtis Jackson and Mel Gibson have proven time and time again that they are capable of taking on any challenge. Now, they are set to tackle one of the most disturbing cases in recent memory – the West Mesa Murders. This harrowing tale of unsolved murders has gripped the nation for years. It follows the case of a serial killer, after remains of 11 women and one unborn child being discovered in a remote area of New Mexico in 2009. Jackson and Gibson’s shine a light on this tragic story is a testament to their commitment to telling powerful and thought-provoking narratives.

An FBI agent (Gibson) and the Chief of Police in Albuquerque (Jackson) are on the hunt for a serial killer known as The Bone Collector. However, the chief fears that the killer is actually one of his own officers.


As the production of “Boneyard” ramps up, fans can expect to see a raw and intense portrayal of the events surrounding the West Mesa Murders. Jackson and Gibson have both expressed their dedication to bringing the victims’ stories to life in an impactful way. With their combined talent and passion for storytelling, audiences are sure to be captivated. This gripping true crime drama will shed light on a dark chapter in American history.

The movie is directed by Asif Akbar.

Boneyard: Curtis Jackson and Mel Gibson Team Up for New Project

The announcement of “Boneyard” has generated a buzz in Hollywood. Many are eager to see how Curtis Jackson and Mel Gibson will approach this sensitive subject matter. Both actors are known for their ability to immerse themselves in their roles and deliver powerful performances that resonate with audiences. Their decision to join forces on this project has only heightened expectations for what is sure to be a compelling and emotionally-charged film.

With a dedicated team of filmmakers and a script that promises to delve deep into the complexities of the West Mesa Murders, “Boneyard” is shaping to spark future conversations. It is shedding light on the importance of seeking justice for victims of violent crimes. As production continues, all eyes will be on “Boneyard” as it prepares to take audiences on a gripping and unforgettable journey through one of the darkest chapters in American history.

Check out the trailer now –

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“Boneyard” continues to generate excitement and anticipation. Through their dedication and talent, these two Hollywood stars are sure to deliver a film that will challenge us to reflect on the impact of violence. Additionally, the importance of seeking justice for those who have been wronged is explored. “Boneyard” is shaping up to be a project that will leave a lasting impression on viewers. Jackson and Gibson’s reputations is going down as powerhouse actors unafraid to tackle difficult subject matter.

The film is scheduled to be released in select theaters in the United States on June 5, 2024, and on video on demand on July 2.

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