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LL Cool J Checks DJ Akademiks

LL Cool J Checks DJ Akademiks

LL Cool J Checks DJ Akademiks. Uncle L doesn’t play. A warning from the wise, don’t come for Veteran rappers. You will get blasted.

DJ Akademiks Gets A Schooled By Uncle L

LL Cool J Checks DJ Akademiks. Where are your manners, DJ Akademiks? What you said was uncalled for. It is one thing to make comparisons between old-school rap vs new.

However, you needed a lesson in etiquette, in my opinion. Especially since you don’t have facts. Be that as it may, James aka LL Cool J” Smith chin checked him. Rightfully so.

Livingston aka “DJ Akademiks” Allen could not have expected this. But you should not speak on such things. According to The Source, this is what Allen said,

“Have you seen any of these old rappers who be like they’re the foundation of Hip Hop really living good?” “Them n##### be looking really dusty. I kid you not. Don’t none of y’all try and come for me ’cause I don’t f### with y’all n#####.”

Here is Smith’s response,


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Indeed, Allen calling pioneer rappers, “dusty” was foul. And, Smith did not hold back. Smith did not mention Allen’s name. You can best believe Allen got the message. Don’t come for Uncle L.

Or any other veteran rappers. Whatever happened to respect for each other? I realize we are entitled to our opinions. Also, we know Allen is emersed in hip-hop culture.

It’s his job to report on hip-hop news and culture. Personally, I think he went too far. Keep in mind, Allen, you know what veteran hip-hop pioneers have gone through.

Do you think hip-hop would be what it is today without veteran rappers? Absolutely not. Having said this, other veteran rappers such as Ice-T have complimented Smith.

Lastly, Smith said this to Allen,

 “I’m all about getting paper. I’ve been talking about it my whole career. But don’t ever, ever, ever confuse being rich with making a contribution to our culture. Don’t ever play yourself like that again!”


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