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YNW Melly Will Not Face Death Penalty

YNW Melly Will Not Face Death Penalty

YNW Melly Will Not Face Death Penalty. The judge in the Jamel Demons case ruled out the death penalty. The prosecutors did not give notice of their intent.

Will YNW Melly Be Found Not Guilty?

YNW Melly Will Not Face Death Penalty. It is all because prosecutors made an error. Somehow the defense attorneys knew nothing about the prosecutor’s intent. As it relates to asking for the death penalty.

Therefore, Demons will not be facing the death penalty. In order to ask for the death penalty notice must be given. In this case, it was not. So, the two counts of murder against Demons will stand, as reported by BET.

But he may receive a lesser sentence if convicted. Nevertheless, Demons have a tough fight ahead. Especially since he was alleged the shooter. Not to mention, he tried to cover up the crime.

“Demons and another man Cortlen Henry conspired to kill the two men. The victims Christopher Thomas Jr. and Anthony Williams were both parts of the Demons crew.

Apparently, Demons and Henry staged the event to look as though it was a drive-by. But Thomas Jr. and Williams were shot to death allegedly by Demons.

They were both driven by Demons and Henry to a local hospital around 4:35 a.m. Unfortunately, the two victims were dead on arrival.”


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For this reason, both Demons and Henry are both behind bars. We must not forget that two men lost their lives. And, we don’t know why it happened. Something went wrong with their friendships.

Whether it was over money or drugs, neither Demons nor Henry will say. Obviously, what took place that night resulted in two crew members’ death. It is too early for Demons to celebrate.

As you can see, Demons mother is celebrating this victory. Even though, Demons has a long way to go. Be that as it may, Demons trial is happening. Shortly, we will know his fate.

On another note, the other suspect Cortlen Henry’s trial has not begun. We will keep you posted on any updates.

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