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Vic Mensa Launches Cannabis Company

Vic Mensa Launches Cannabis Company

Vic Mensa Launches Cannabis Company. This company is the first of its kind. The Black -Owned company will open in Illinois.

93 Boyz Mission Plans To Help Underserved Population

Vic Mensa Launches Cannabis Company. Many states have changed their outlook on Cannabis. As a result, the legal manufacturing of Cannabis has begun.

A lot of wealthy rappers and sports figures have climbed aboard. In fact, Lebron James, and Chris Weber have invested in Cannabis. Clearly, there is a lot of money to be made.

Legislation to approve legal Cannabis aka Marijuana was approved. Shortly after, the distribution of sales commenced. Therefore, we see Cannabis shops opening up almost everywhere.

In my own neighborhood, there is a retail store selling legal Marijuana. When it opened lines were around the corner. I was amazed at the many people who came to buy legal Marijuana.

Having said this, Vic Mensa’s 93 Boyz has partnered with Aeriz. Aeriz is one of the largest aeroponic cannabis cultivators in the world. Its mission is to focus on holistic products.

Also, products sold include Sativa and Indica which are unique hybrid blends, as reported by The Source. In addition, they will offer quality flower eights, premium prerolls, and strain-specific vape cartridges.

Please don’t ask me what any of that meant. Because I am clueless. However, those in that community understand. Be that as it may, Vic’s endeavor is to combat the stigma of marijuana use.

Some of the revenues will provide assistance for the program, “Books Before Bars.” This non-profit organization donates books to prison libraries. Vic shares his reason why he is giving back,

“Selling weed was my first hustle. It taught me work ethic, entrepreneurship, and funded all of my first music projects,” Vic Mensa said. “As someone with a lifelong experience of anxiety and depression, it’s amazing to be able to help people facing those and other issues while working with something I love. “The war on drugs has had a devastating impact on my community, and yet our representation in the cannabis industry is less than 2%. 93BOYZ is changing that narrative while combining high quality, tastemaker weed with socially conscious initiatives.”

It is interesting to point out, that only a few blacks own Cannabis warehouses. Therefore, underserved communities may not benefit. That is, from the sale of legal marijuana.

So, it is important that more wealthy blacks invest. On the other hand, some may disagree with opening places to distribute cannabis. Communities, where Cannabis places are housed, should benefit the most.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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