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Teyana Taylor’s Debut Film ‘Get Lite’ Starring Storm Reid

Teyana Taylor’s Debut Film ‘Get Lite’ Starring Storm Reid

Teyana Taylor’s Debut Film’ Get Lite’ Starring Storm Reid. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress has recently made her directorial debut with the upcoming film ‘Get Lite.’ The project has been generating buzz in the entertainment industry, mainly due to the casting of rising star Storm Reid as the lead. Both Taylor and Reid fans eagerly anticipate the release of this highly anticipated collaboration.

Teyana Taylor Makes Directorial Debut With Film ‘Get Lite’

Teyana Taylor’s Debut Film’ Get Lite’ Starring Storm Reid.

Known for her versatile music and entertainment industry talents, she has ventured into filmmaking. Her directorial debut will be in the new film ‘Get Lite.’ 

This project marks a significant milestone in Taylor’s career as she steps behind the camera. All while bringing her creative vision to life.

With her unique style and artistic flair, Taylor is set to make a bold statement.

At the same time, she will be directing Storm Reid, the up-and-coming Hollywood actress.

According to The Source, Storm Reid is an Emmy-award-winning actress. She starred in ‘Euphoria’ and had guest roles in ‘The Last of Us.’

In addition, Storm starred in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and ‘Missing.’  Reid’s presence in the project will add to the film’s excitement

With her natural talent and charisma, Reid will surely captivate audiences in her role in ‘Get Lite.’

Excitement Builds As Teyana Taylor And Storm Reid Team Up

The collaboration between Teyana Taylor and Storm Reid in ‘Get Lite’ has created a wave of excitement.

Taylor’s directorial debut, combined with Reid’s star power, promises to deliver a compelling and impactful film that will resonate with audiences.

As the release date of ‘Get Lite’ approaches, anticipation continues to build.

With many eagerly awaiting the chance to witness the magic this dynamic duo has created on screen.

Another added bonus is its being produced by OFFBRND’s Bill Karesh, as stated by Indie Wire.

With ‘Get Lite,’ Teyana Taylor and Storm Reid have collaborated to create a project that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Keep an eye out for ‘Get Lite’ as it hits screens. It promises to be a groundbreaking collaboration between two talented artists.

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