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Taxstone Blames Troy Ave for 35-Year Sentence

Taxstone Blames Troy Ave for 35-Year Sentence

Taxstone Blames Troy Ave for 35-Year Sentence. Daryl Campbell, widely known as Taxstone, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for federal gun charges. And another 15 for murder in the second degree, leading up to 35 years in prison. While he maintains his innocence, the host of the popular podcast “Tax Season” has publicly pointed the finger at his co-defendant, rapper Troy Ave, for his lengthy sentence.

Taxstone Points The Finger At Troy Ave

Taxstone Blames Troy Ave for 35-Year Sentence.

Campbell was found guilty of manslaughter in a New York court.

According to XXL Mag., Taxstone accused Troy Ave of setting him up in the deadly shooting.

He claimed that Troy Ave had a motive for wanting him out of the way.

He was becoming more popular in the rap industry and could potentially overshadow Troy’s career.

Troy Ave and Taxstone allegedly tussled before he pulled the gun that shot  Troy’s bodyguard, Ronald McPatter.

Also, Taxstone claims he only had the gun that night for his protection.

Additionally, surveillance footage showed Troy Ave carrying a gun.

Troy Ave faced federal gun charges, which he pleaded guilty to having.

However, Troy Ave is still waiting to be sentenced, as The New York Post stated.

Despite this evidence, Taxstone insists that Troy Ave orchestrated the shooting.

Check out the video for more commentary.

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All of this started back in 2016, at rapper T.I.’s concert.

Both Taxstone and Troy Ave were in attendance.

There was an altercation outside of the venue that night.

At the end of the alleged altercation, Troy Ave’s bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, was shot.

McPhatter died due to his gun wounds, as stated by Complex.

Unfortunately, Taxstone was found guilty of shooting McPhatter.

He has been sentenced to at least 35 years behind bars.

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