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T.I. & Tiny’s $100m Loss in OMG Girlz Dolls Case

T.I. & Tiny’s $100m Loss in OMG Girlz Dolls Case

T.I. & Tiny’s $100m Loss in OMG Girlz Dolls Case. Clifford and Tameka Harris face a significant financial blow after losing a lawsuit. They have lost against MGA Entertainment over OMG.

Lawsuit Against T.I. and Tiny Results in $100 Million Settlement Loss

T.I. & Tiny’s $100m Loss in OMG Girlz Dolls Case.

MGA are the makers of popular L.O.L. dolls that many young girls buy.

In this case, MGA was allegedly accused by The Harris of creating dolls in the likeness of Tameka’s group, OMG Girlz.

According to Yahoo, Harris sued MGA for copywriter infringement.

After a lengthy legal battle, it’s over, accused of allegedly stealing OMG Girlz’s name, likeness, and trade dress.

There will be no money awarded to The Harris’s.

The settlement includes damages for lost profits and punitive damages for T.I. and Tiny’s alleged misconduct.

Harris asked for $100 million for alleged: “misappropriate likeness of Black female artists.”

Also, Harris’s claimed that MGA of “racist cultural appropriation.”

After MGa won the lawsuit, they issued this statement,

CEO Isaac Larian called T.I. and Tiny’s lawsuit a “shakedown.” “I’m not happy because I wasted a lot of time, energy — my employees’ time, energy — to deal with an extortion,” Larian said. “They knew from the beginning they don’t have a case, and they brought it anyways. And they picked on the wrong guy.”

However, this was a significant loss for The Harris, especially because one of the members of OMG Girlz is their daughter.

Although MGA won the lawsuit, the LOL dolls do have a resemblance to the OMG Girlz,

What do you think? Do the LOL dolls look similar to the OMG Girlz group?


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