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Rapper Snootie Wild’s Death Was Captured On Video

Rapper Snootie Wild’s Death Was Captured On Video

Rapper Snootie Wild’s Death Was Captured On Video.  According to ABC 13, LePreston Porter better known as Snootie Wild was shot.

Snootie Wild Dead At 36

Memphis rappers are dropping like flys’. First, it was the rapper, Young Dolph. Now, rapper Snootie Wild’s death was captured on video.

There was some kind of disturbance that ended with gunfire. This all happened on Friday in the south side region of Houston.

Residents called the police after hearing a lot of gunfire around 2 a.m. A man was discovered next to an SUV. Apparently, the man sustained a gunshot wound to the neck.

When the man was transferred to the hospital he was critical. Unfortunately, Snootie Wild died of his gunshot wound.

In a post on social media, it was first thought Snootie Wild did survive. But later reports confirmed that he was dead. With that being said, news of Snootie Wild’s death went viral.

Snootie’s neighbor appeared to have captured the incident on camera. Once the police got the video, Lt. R Willkens gave a detailed description of the incident.

As a matter of fact, Willkens said, Snootie appeared to have backed into a ditch. That is when the suspect’s vehicle pulled up beside him.

Without delay, the suspect got and was talking with Snootie. Suddenly, shots rang out. While Willkens did not mention whether the suspect leaving the scene was captured on the video.

We can assume that there will be an arrest made soon. Especially, if the suspect /suspect were captured on the video from Snooties neighbor.

Who Was Snootie Wild?

It was in 2013 when Snootie Wild received recognition for “YaYo. His new single was remixed by both Yo Gotti and T.I.

However, it was Yo Gotti’s version that became official. Also, the song debuted at number 50 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs,

And it charted at number 40 on Billboard’s Mainstream R&B/Hip -Hop chart, as reported by Wiki.

Rapper Snootie Wild’s Death Was Captured On Video.

snootie wild

Check out the video above for more details.

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