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Rapper Pras On Trial For Federal Conspiracy Charges

Rapper Pras On Trial For Federal Conspiracy Charges

Rapper Pras On Trial For Federal Conspiracy Charges. Pra Michel is a Grammy Award winner. And a former member of the 90s rap group The Fugees.


Pras Is Accused Of Involvement In A Fraud Scheme

Rapper Pras On Trial For Federal Conspiracy Charges. In a report by AfroTech, Michel is being charged with witness tampering.

In addition, he faces several charges, including conspiring to make a concealed foreign contribution.

Among the current accusations, Michel allegedly received millions of dollars.—Jho Low, who was a Malaysian businessman, partnered with Michel.

Michel allegedly hid the money by using straw donors. Also, Michel allegedly donated to President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection.

Here is where Michel got into trouble, as stated by Essence. Foreign nationals are not allowed to contribute to United States political campaigns.

It is illegal to do so. Here is what the prosecution said,

“Prosecutors also allege that Michel and Low, who has been accused of stealing more than $4 billion from his country’s sovereign wealth fund, conspired to lobby President Donald Trump’s administration in 2017 to drop an investigation into Low’s finances and remove a Chinese dissident, Guo Wengui, from the US. Guo was arrested earlier this month on fraud and money-laundering charges,”

As if thathat’st enough, prosecutors claim Michel was “wiling to break any laws necessary to get paid.”

Furthermore, prosecutor Nicole Lockhart mentioned,

“Low had money to burn and the defendant was willing to cash in at any turn,”

Lockhart presented her argument in the Washington, D.C., federal district court. TThese allegations were a part of her opening argument.

But that is not all Lockhart said, ” “is case is filled with political intrigue, backroom dealing…burner phones and lies.”

Some famous witnesses may be called to testify. H.R. McMaster and casino owner Steve Wynn are among those who may testify.

By the way, McMaster is former president TrTrump’sational security advisor.

As you can see, the allegations against Michel are monumental. Frankly, I’I’mot sure what will happen to Michel.

Low and Michel gave Obama’s campaign $2m, did it help his reelection?

If so, could the trial’s outcome affect Obama in any way?

In other words, could Obama be called to testify or not? Having said this, Michel is facing 20 years in prison if convicted.

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