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Omi In A Hellcat Was Sentenced

Omi In A Hellcat Was Sentenced

Was Omi In A Hellcat Sentence Fair?

Omi In A Hellcat Was Sentenced. Bill Omar Carrasquillo was charged with conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, as reported by NY Post.

And, he Carrasquillo was charged with tax evasion and fraud. His trouble started when he provided illegal online TV streaming services.

The illegal operation was run from 2016-2019. Gears TV offered its customers Comcast, Verizon FiOs, Direct TV and HBO for $15 per month.

It was an elaborate operation which went by other names such as, Reboot, Reloaded and Gears Reloaded. Authorities alleged, Carrasquillo and his partners Jesse Gonzales and Pico Rivera collected over $30 million.

At the time, Carrasquillo tried to hide the money in various bank accounts. More importantly, during the raid on Carrasquillo’s home in Nov. 2019, $35 million in assets and 57 luxury cars were confiscated.

Here is what Carrasquillo said,

“They came back for things they alleged I did. The copyright infringement. I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.”

He was interviewed outside his home in Swedesboro, NJ. Also, Carrasquillo mentioned, he’s “completely innocent,” saying, “Ignorance is not an excuse for the law.”

Needless to say, Carrasquillo did take some responsibility. However, he did not think he was entirely guilty. Therefore, he intended to fight.

This week Carrasquillo had his day in court. Unfortunate for him, he was ordered to pay restitution of $30 million. Not to mention, Carrasquillo will spend at least 5 years in prison.

During his hearing, Carrasquillo apologized to his family, his employees, and cable companies, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer. At the same time, Carrasquillo admitted,

“I really didn’t know the significance of this crime until I was picked up [by the FBI] at my home,” he said. “I feel like I let everybody down.”

Having said this, perhaps Carrasquillo should have gotten a lesser sentence. Especially since, he paid back the $30 million. In like manner, he has agreed to pay the IRS over $6 million.

Shouldn’t paying his debt be enough?

omi sentenced

Check out the video above for more details.

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