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Nelly Putting Another Sexual Assault Case Behind Him!!!

Nelly Putting Another Sexual Assault Case Behind Him!!!
Nelly is putting a sexual assault case behind him, by settling out of court. But this is not the first time the rapper settled a sexual assault claim.

Nelly Settles Out Of Court For The Second Time

A year ago, a woman from the United Kingdom filed a lawsuit, alleging she was sexually assaulted. According to court documents, the incident allegedly happened at a concert in Essex in 2017. TMZ reports that the ‘Jane Doe’ claimed that Nelly forced her to perform oral sex during a meet and greet.¬†Also named in the lawsuit was Shantel Jackson, Nelly’s girlfriend. Accused of lying because she dismissed what the accuser was saying, she is also now in the clear. This is the second time Nelly reached an out-of-court settlement involving a woman claiming sexual assault. The first woman claimed an incident that allegedly happened on Nelly’s tour bus. Settling their dispute out of court, no one is saying how much, if any, money is involved. The case remains confidential.
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