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Maxo Kream Turns Himself In

Maxo Kream Turns Himself In

Maxo Kream turns him in over a RICO case that began in 2016. Together with the Kream Klicc gang, he is now facing the music.

Maxo Kream Turns Himself In On 2016 Rico Case

Rapper Maxo Kream has turned himself into authorities.

Several outlets are reporting this news.

This development is occurring five years after the start of a 2016 RICO case.

But the 33-year-old rapper/songwriter from Houston Texas – real name Emekwane Ogugua Biosah Jr. – vows he will not “break”.

The case in question was born in 2016. Maxo was arrested for engaging in “organized crime” under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

He, along with members of the Kream Clicc Gang, held charges sourcing from money laundering, possession of 85 pounds of marijuana, 2,000 Xanax pills, 13 firearms, cash, and drug manufacturing/distribution paraphernalia.

At the time, Maxo was held at Fort Bend County Jail in Richmond, Texas.

Eventually, he was released on bail of $200,000 the next day and denied the allegations, claiming to only be “organizing his music”.

Initially, Maxo beat the charges.

However, after five years, the rapper is again addressing those charges head-on.

Posting a caption on social media, alongside a mugshot of himself, he says –

“Been dealing with this Rico s**t since 2016. I beat all the felony Charges but gotta handle sum light s**t. I’ll never bend break or fold S/o all my fans ima brb.”

maxo kream

Maxo is the younger brother of rapper KCG Josh and is a member of the 52 Hoover Crips.

This case is still developing.

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