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Mystikal Requests A Gag Order In Rape Case

Mystikal Requests A Gag Order In Rape Case

Mystikal Requests A Gag Order In Rape Case. His attorney Tiffany Myles Crosby filed the request. He fired his former legal team.

The “No Limit” Rapper  Wants To Protect His Privacy

Mystikal Requests A Gag Order In Rape Case. Rapper Michael Tyler is facing more rape charges. In 2004, Tyler was charged and sentenced to rape.

He spent six years behind bars. After his release(2006), in 2017 Tyler was allegedly involved in another sex crime. This hairstylist claimed Tyler and his bodyguard sexually assaulted her.

Also, Tyler was accused of an alleged domestic violence case. In each case, Tyler claims his innocence. However, today Tyler is appearing in court, as revealed by The Source.

Furthermore, Tyler’s attorney is asking the judge for a gag order. The gag order will prohibit lawyers from either side to comment on the case.

In other words, there could be no mention of anything publicly. Therefore, media reports will be restricted.

Another way of putting it, a code of silence can be issued. And, any information distributed would be confidential. This practice is not uncommon in rape cases.

It’s a sharp contrast from Tyler’s previous strategy, said 4WWL News. Here is what I mean, it will “mark a sharp reversal” from his previous defense attorney’s approach.

Stay with me, if Tyler is convicted of these allegations, he is facing a lengthy sentence. Perhaps, that is why Tyler has changed his strategy.

Keep in mind, Tyler did time for similar problems. Although, that does not nullify his problems with women. If in fact, the judge may turn down Tyler’s request.

Tyler’s Famous Song “Danger: Been So Long” Solidified His Rap Career

In spite of all this, Tyler’s music has sold over one million copies. Of course, “Shake It Ass” is heard in several movies, including”Juwanna Mann, and Scary Movie 2.

Identity Thief, About A Boy, and Down To Earth also include the clean version of “Shake It Fast”, as divulged by Wiki.

There you have it.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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