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Lizzo’s Accusers Attorney Claims Grammys Appearance Sparks Double Standard

Lizzo’s Accusers Attorney Claims Grammys Appearance Sparks Double Standard

Lizzo’s Accuser’s Attorney Claims Grammys Appearance Sparks Double Standard. The Grammy-winning artist, known for her empowering and body-positive music, recently faced backlash for her appearance at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. Despite her remarkable talent and positive message, some critics accused Lizzo of perpetuating a double standard by being at the show, even though she is facing a lawsuit. Her former dancers have allegedly sued for sexual harassment.

Why Was Lizzo Allowed To Present An Award Amid Sexual Allegations?

Lizzo’s Accuser’s Attorney Claims Grammys Appearance Sparks Double Standard.

According to Black Enterprise, “The Grammy award-winning singer attended the 66th Grammy Awards where she presented the award for best R&B song to SZA for “Snooze.” SZA took a moment to celebrate Lizzo during her speech by acknowledging their friendship and rise in success from their early days of touring together.”

This sparked some controversy among Lizzo’s accusers. Neama Rahmani, the attorney representing Lizzo’s former backup dancers, called out the Grammys.

He claims the show should not have given the singer a platform amid the allegations against her. TMZ reports Rahmani saying,

“that if a white man faced the same sort of sexual harassment, racism, and fat shaming allegations … he doesn’t think there’s any way they’d be afforded the same opportunity Lizzo got.”

Primarily since Lizzo was known to be a beacon of body positivity, promoting self-love and acceptance. Her music often reflected her own experience with alleged body shaming.

So, when her former dancers filed a lawsuit against Lizzo, many were shocked. However, her appearance at the Grammys reignited a conversation about the existing double standard.

Rahmani, claims he is disappointed Lizzo was able to be a presenter at the Grammys. Social media was also very confused about Lizzo being present at the award show.

The singer/rapper presented the award to SZA for the best R&B song “Snooze.” And, SZA took the time to acknowledge Lizzo. Both SZA and Lizzo have been friends for some time.

That is probably why Lizzo was selected to present SZA with the award. But it did not allegedly go over well with Rahmani and his clients.

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