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Kanye West’ Car Design Concept

Kanye West’ Car Design Concept

Kanye West’ Car Design Concept. Rapper and super producer Kanye West never ceases to amaze the masses. This time around, he’s doing just that with a new car design concept.

Kanye West Foam Car Concept

Kanye West’ Car Design Concept. According to Kanye, his Donda brand has plans for a new business venture.

Apparently, the Chicago native wants to design an American made car made of foam.

Of course, the vehicle will be a part of his Donda Industrial Design. Certainly, this foam whip would be the first of its kind.

Subsequently, West announced that he intends to collaborate with shoe designer Steven Smith on this innovative mode of transportation.

The two have worked together on previous projects. So this comes as no surprise.

Importantly, Ye confirmed Smith’s thirty plus years of experience makes him a shoe in.

Yeezy Is Clearly A Monster Car Guy

Well, the monster design for this big black tank is very fitting for Kanye.

Without a doubt, the foam car boasts some interesting bodily features. Not to mention it favors the monster cars he enjoys driving through Wyoming.

Coincidence? I think not.

Furthermore, people assume Tesla might have something to do with the design.

Additonally, the DONDA brand plans to expand even further by including some furniture designs.

However, we’re not sure rather it’ll include upholstery, carpentry, or what.

Well, there’s no definite answer regarding the likelihood of the foam car. Do you think it’ll be electric?

Also, what do you anticipate the furniture to be like? Stay tuned for more on this Yeezy venture.

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