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Judge Joe Brown Addresses Tyre Nichol’s Killing

Judge Joe Brown Addresses Tyre Nichol’s Killing

Judge Joe Brown Addresses Tyre Nichol’s Killing. The young black man was beaten. Five Memphis Police are arrested.

Five Memphis Police Charged In Tyre’s Death

Judge Joe Brown Addresses Tyre Nichol’s Killing. Bodycam footage of Tyre Nichol’s violent arrest was released.

And, the video is very graphic. Officials in Memphis released the video on Friday.

The arrest of Tyre Nichol’s occurred earlier this month. According to CBS News, Nichol’s died 3 days after the alleged incident.

All five of the black officers  were fired,

  • Tadarrius Bean,
  • Demetrius Haley,
  • Emmitt Martin III
  • Desmond Mills Jr.,
  • Justin Smith

Also, they have all been charged with second-degree murder. 

In the first place, Nichol’s was pulled over for a traffic stop.

Secondly, Nichol’s allegedly was calm a while being pulled from his vehicle.

To say nothing of, police dragging him out after he alleged resisted arrest. However, what happened next was very upsetting.

There is way too much to unpack in this story.  Ultimately, Nichol’s was allegedly beaten within inches of his life.

Moreover, Nichol’s uttered these words, “Ok, I’m on the ground. “You guys are doing a lot, I’m just trying to go home.”

Once again, the world is watching police brutality against blacks. Sadly, this time it was black officers involved.

We are outraged by this senseless alleged beating. Will we now focus more on police reform?

A press conference with Attorney Benjamin Crump and Nichol’s parents was held.

During the conference attorney Crump called the incident “deplorable” and “heinous.”

Also, he claimed, “It is very troublesome on every level,” as reported by USA Today.

After Crump spoke, Mrs. Nichol’s addressed the people. Clearly, she was holding back tears. And rightfully so.

After all, she had watched the horrific video footage.

Judge Brown Weighs In

Therefore, having Judge Brown weigh in on this issue was important. He provides a necessary perspective on police brutality.

Not only that, Judge Brown resided in Memphis. That is where the arrest of Nichol’s took place.

So, take a listen to Judge Brown’s thoughts.

Check out the video above for more details.

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