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Joseline Hernandez Arrested At Mayweather Fight

Joseline Hernandez Arrested At Mayweather Fight

Joseline Hernandez Arrested at Mayweather Fight. The reality TV star is in trouble with the law. She allegedly got into an altercation.

Reality Star Joseline Hernandez Arrested for Alleged Assault at Mayweather Fight

Sunday night at Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight, an incident occurred.

Joseline Hernandez and Big Lex fought outside the ring.

While Mayweather was fighting John Gotti lll, the spotlight was on Hernandez.

TMZ reports there is video footage of Hernandez allegedly throwing jabs.

And the jabs landed on Big Lex, which allegedly led to complete mayhem.

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The Incident Overshadowed The Acutual Mayweather Fight

The alleged assault reportedly occurred during the Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight on Sunday, June 6th.

The details of the incident are still unclear, but witnesses claim that Joseline Hernandez got into a fight.

Some reports suggest that an argument over seating arrangements sparked the altercation.

While others claim it was over a man.

Hernandez was taken into custody the following day, as stated by People.

She faces charges of battery and disorderly conduct.

At this time, Big Lex nor anyone else was arrested.

Hernandez’s History of Violence

This is not the first time that Joseline Hernandez has been involved in a violent incident.

The reality star has a history of altercations on and off the show.

In 2014, she was physically altercated with another cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

And in 2016, she was sued for allegedly attacking a music producer during a studio session.

Hernandez has not yet commented on the recent incident at the Mayweather fight.

However, her past behavior suggests that this may not be the last time we see her in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The alleged assault at the Mayweather fight has once again put Joseline Hernandez’s violent behavior in the spotlight.

While the details of the incident are still unclear, it is clear that the reality star has a history of aggressive behavior.

Hopefully, Hernandez will learn from this latest incident and work to change her behavior.

Until then, we can only wait and see what other drama she will bring to our screens.

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