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Ice Spice Former Bestie Claims She Has Issues With Colorism & Exploitation

Ice Spice Former Bestie Claims She Has Issues With Colorism & Exploitation

Ice Spice’s Former Bestie Claims She Has Issues With Colorism and Exploitation. A former best friend of Ice Spice has come forward with shocking allegations about the female rapper.  These alleged allegations are just that, allegations.

We don’t know if Ice Spice is guilty of anything.

Former Best Friend Reveals Damaging Truths About Ice Spice

Ice Spice Former Bestie Claims She Has Issues With Colorism & Exploitation.

Baby Storme, an alleged former friend of Ice Spice, claims she cheated on the producer’s boyfriend, TiotUSA. It was alleged Ice Spice was cheating with rapper Lil Tjay.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Baby Storme claims Ice Spice tried to sabotage her career. These are alarming charges to make against a former best friend.

But Baby Storme claims she is alleged not to be afraid to expose Ice Spice. As you can see in her post on Instagram, Baby Storme is backing up her claims against the rapper.

However, last year, Ice Spice addressed allegations of colorism. In case you are wondering, ‘colorism’ is,

prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.’

In an article by BET, Ice Spice addressed allegations of colorism by saying,

I have seen those opinions. I feel like that’s not something personal to me. I feel like that’s been the conversation for generations and forever, since the beginning of time,” 

She then said,

“I try not to feed into negativity because I also see that when people are trying to make that point, it’s not out of a good place,” she explained, adding, “[They end up putting] somebody else down.”

Ice Spice expects to have some opposition from people. It appears she takes it all in stride.

Shocking Allegations By Ice Spice’s Former Bestie Revealed

As if colorism and exploitation weren’t enough, the former best friend also revealed that Ice Spice allegedly cheated on her significant other.

While Baby Storm has said these things about Ice Spice, it’s her opinion. Remember that Baby Storme would need proof to make these allegations substantial.

At this point, it does not seem she has anything other than her words. Ice Spice may lose some of her fans.

That is if Baby Storme has made the correct assumptions. Will Ice Spice address these allegations” Or will she ignore what Baby Storme shared on social media?

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