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Hitmaka Addressed Diddy’s Word On R&B

Hitmaka Addressed Diddy’s Word On R&B

Hitmaka Addressed Diddy’s Word On R&B. What did Diddy say about soul music? Would there be hip-hop without R&B?

Is R&B Dead Or Not?

Hitmaka Addressed Diddy’s Word On R&B. Sean”Diddy” Combs has started a conversation about R&B. Diddy has launched his new R&B label (Love Records).

And, he has invited guests such as Mary J Blige, Tank, and Timbaland. During the discussion with Mary, his thoughts were revealed. Lately, R&B has taken a back seat to hip-hop.

In fact, Diddy wanted to know who killed R&B, as reported by XXL Mag. Also, he pointed it there were two types of R&B (rap R&B and traditional R&B). Somehow word got back to Christian Ward aka Hitmaka.

Well, what Diddy alleged said did not sit well. Therefore, Hitmaka alleged said Diddy,

“done lost his whole mind talking bout R&B dead. It’s so much good R&B out if u can’t notice u gotta be outta touch. Stop trolling.”

In an alleged deleted tweet Hitmaka may have mentioned Diddy is out of touch. In other words, Diddy is not in tune with today’s R&B music. But I don’t know if Hitmaka’s assumptions are accurate.

Especially since Diddy has used some R&B music in his songs. On another note, R&B could never be dead. Of course, R&B music is not highlighted like hip-hop.

In addition, R&B may not receive as much radio play as hip-hop. But to admit R&B is dead is really not true.

More importantly, there are many R&B entertainers who promote the genre. If it were not for R&B there would be no hip-hop. So, how can any comparison be made? R&B and hip-hop are so intertwined.

It may not be possible to have one without the other. Not to mention, a lot of hip-hop artists have sampled plenty of R&B songs. For example, the late R&B singer James Brown’s music was sampled at least 7,413.


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The song “Funky Drummer” (1970) is one of the most sampled songs of all time. According to BET, there are 10 other song rappers sampled from James Brown.

Most sampled James Brown songs:

  • Coldblooded
  • Get Up
  • Hot Pants
  • Get Up Offa That Thing
  • My Thang
  • Good Foot
  • Say It Loud
  • Sex Machine
  • The Payback
  • Get On The Good Foot

Clearly, R&B will never be dead. What say you?

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