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Gunna Out Of Jail, Pleads Guilty

Gunna Out Of Jail, Pleads Guilty

Gunna out of the slammer, finally. To secure his freedom though, he had to plead guilty to charges of racketeering conspiracy.

Gunna Out Of Jail, But At What Cost?

Gunna out of jail after being denied bail several times.

Ending his long incarceration, the 29-year-old rapper/singer/songwriter is tasting freedom for the first time in months.

It was back in May of this year when Gunna – real name Sergio Giavanni Kitchens – was scooped up in a  RICO Case.

All in all, there were 56 counts in the grand jury indictment, involving 28 associates of the YSL gang, including (head of the YSL label) rapper Young Thug.

Facing charges of racketeering conspiracy, Gunna was locked up ever since awaiting trial.

Three times he was denied bail.

Now, his freedom does not come without consequences.

In order to gain his release, Gunna had to plead guilty to the charges.

As a result, the Grammy-nominated artist entered into a pre-negotiated plea known as an Alford plea.

He is sentenced to 5 years.

However, one year is commuted for the time he has already served.

So what about the remaining time?

Charges will be suspended, pending completion of community service and other special conditions, according to TMZ.

Upon his release, Gunna released a statement to the press saying he didn’t think of YSL as a gang.

In fact, when his rap career was in its infancy, he only focused on the entertainment aspects.

Additionally, he let it be known that his guilty plea does not mean he has cooperated against any other YSL member, adding –

“…While I have agreed to always be truthful, I want to make it perfectly clear that I have NOT made any statement, have NOT been interviewed, have NOT cooperated, have NOT agreed to testify or be a witness for or against any party in the case and absolutely NO intention of being involved in the trial process in any way.”

He added in its conclusion a message to young men and women that –

“I look at this as an opportunity to give back to my community and educate young men and woman that “gangs” and violence only lead to destruction.”

Do you think it was worth it to plead in this case? I say ‘Yes’.

gunna out of jail on RICO charges

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