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Drake Urges Release Of Tory Lanez From Prison

Drake Urges Release Of Tory Lanez From Prison

Drake Urges Release Of Tory Lanez From Prison. Rapper Drake has recently made headlines by advocating for the release of fellow musician Tory Lanez behind bars. Drake’s public support has sparked debate and discussion within the music industry and among fans.

Drake Advocates for the Release of Tory Lanez

Drake Urges Release Of Tory Lanez From Prison.

Lanez is currently serving time for allegedly shooting rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

According to TMZ, Drake is throwing more of his support around Tory. And he is being met with some backlash. Especially since his support of Lanez is causing some fans to be up in arms.

It is a little disturbing to fans who have supported Megan’s claims. After all, Tory was convicted for Megan’s shooting. But it seems as though Tory is getting more support than Megan.

Megan was the victim of Tory’s alleged anger during an argument. This argument between Tory and Megan happened outside of Kylie Jenner’s Hollywood Hills home, as stated by TMZ.

We find that Drake has always supported his fellow Canadian comrade. On his Instagram page, Drake posted a photo of Tory with a message that said, “3 You.”

People assume that Drake is alleging asking for Tory’s release from prison. However, Drake’s attempts to shed light on Tory while in prison may be fruitless.

Drake Will Not Let Up With His Support Of Tory

His advocacy for Tory Lanez has garnered mixed reactions from fans and fellow musicians. Despite the controversy surrounding his public support, Drake’s voice carries significant weight in the music industry.

Perhaps Drake’s influence will spark another look into the rapper’s appeal. Thus far, Tory has been unable to secure his release even though his fans and followers continue to believe in his innocence.

Having said this, only time will tell if Drake’s support of Tory helps him. Unfortunately, Drake would have to do more than support Tory. He may have to help Tory with getting more attorneys.

Now, that would be an excellent way to help his newfound friend. However, it is unlikely Tory will be released without serving some of his ten-year sentence.

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