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Drake Discloses 21 Savage Has A Green Card

Drake Discloses 21 Savage Has A Green Card

Drake Discloses 21 Savage Has A Green Card. Canadian rapper Drake has recently disclosed the long-kept secret of British artist 21 Savage’s possession of a green card, unraveling new possibilities for his career. This revelation has not only shed light on the legal status of 21 Savage but has also opened up a world of global opportunities for young artists. As fans and industry insiders grapple with the news, the future looks promising for 21 Savage as he explores new horizons beyond the borders of the United States.

Unleashing New Global Opportunities for 21 Savage: What Lies Ahead?

Drake Discloses 21 Savage Has A Green Card.

With the disclosure of 21 Savage’s green card, many global opportunities are now within his reach.

The British-born rapper has made a name for himself in the United States.

His career took a hit when he could not leave the States, as stated by TMZ.

This now opens up 21 Savage opportunities to collaborate with Drake.

As Drake mentioned after announcing Savage could travel abroad.

This revelation paves the way for him to expand his fan base and delve into international collaborations.

It could not have come sooner for Savage and Drake.

Especially since Drake is scheduled to perform in Canada.

With his unique style and lyrical prowess, 21 Savage’s music can now resonate with audiences worldwide.

He can venture into untapped markets and connect with diverse listeners by going overseas.

One potential avenue for exploration lies in the United Kingdom, 21 Savage’s country of birth.

Armed with the knowledge of his legal status, he can now freely perform and collaborate with British artists.

Hopefully, Savage can rekindle his roots while impacting the music scene across the pond.

Furthermore, the revelation of 21 Savage’s green card opens doors to international touring and performances.

His newfound legal status allows him to travel and showcase his talent globally freely.

This means that fans worldwide can experience his energetic live performances firsthand.

During Drake’s new music “8 am in Charlotte,” the rapper claimed Savage got his green card.


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To top it off, Drake’s son Adonis was featured in the video, according to Complex.

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