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Doja Cat’s Brother Accused of Abusing Her & Her Mother

Doja Cat’s Brother Accused of Abusing Her & Her Mother

Doja Cat’s Brother Accused of Abusing Her & Her Mother. In a shocking turn of events, Doja Cat’s Brother has been accused of physically abusing her and even knocking out her teeth. The accusations have led Doja Cat’s mother to take legal action in the form of a restraining order. The disturbing allegations have stunned fans and the music industry, as Doja Cat’s star has been on the rise in recent years.

Allegations Surface as Mother Seeks Restraining Order on Doja’s Brother

Doja Cat’s Brother Accused of Abusing Her & Her Mother.

According to Entertainment News, Deborah Sawyer, Doja’s mother, has asked a judge for a restraining order. In documents filed on January 12, 2024, Sawyer claims her son Raman Dlamini allegedly assaulted her.

Not only did Dlamini allegedly assault her, but he was abusive to Doja Cat. Sawyer alleges Amala Dlamini has been made to feel ‘unsafe and traumatized.

According to reports, the abuse escalated to the point where Doja Cat allegedly had her teeth knocked out. These allegations are grave, that is, if they are proven true.

However, Doja’s mother was granted a temporary restraining order, as stated by Complex. But Doja must file her restraining order against her Brother.

Although Sawyer claimed both she and her daughter were victims of Dlamini, she can’t file for Doja. At this time, Doja has not mentioned anything about the alleged abuse.

Will Doja File A Restraining Order Against Her Brother?

Here is the kicker: it is not the first time Doja’s mother has filed a restraining order against her son. In 2017, Sawyer got a judge to grant her a restraining order.

The restraining order has since expired. Therefore, she needed to re-apply. Unfortunately, details of whether Sawyer suffered visibly bruised from the alleged abuse are not known.

It appears Sawyer is not going to allow the alleged abuse by her son to continue. As for Doja Cat, we hope these allegations of her Brother abusing her are just rumors.

If not, will any of these claims prevent Doja from performing at upcoming events? Doja has been chosen as an entertainer for the forthcoming Coachella Festival.

She took to social media to let her fans know she would perform at the famous Festival.

As the legal process unfolds, the public awaits further updates and hopes for justice to be served. Certainly, Her mother’s filing of a restraining order demonstrates the seriousness of the allegations.

And the urgent need to ensure Doja Cat’s safety. The world will watch closely as the legal proceedings progress, hoping for a just resolution to this troubling situation.

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