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Diddy Addressed Kanye’s Antics

Diddy Addressed Kanye’s Antics

Diddy Addressed Kanye’s Antics. By now we have all seen Kanye’s t-shirt. And, now his dear friend Sean Combs weighs in.

Diddy Sends Kanye A Strong Message

Diddy Addressed Kanye’s Antics. Of course, Kanye aka Ye is not a stranger to controversy. In fact, it appears he loves it. However, he may have gone too far. Especially since Diddy took to social media.

Apparently, Diddy had an issue with Ye’s statement. I can’t help but wonder, what was Ye really suggesting? Anyhow, Diddy does support his friend’s “free thinking”, as reported by Complex.

As he put it. But he is “not with it.”Clearly, Diddy wanted Ye to know he cares about him. This time you are on your own. Yes, it was Ye wearing that “White Lives Matter” t-shirt.

I will not be surprised if other celebrities speak out against it. It is possible, Ye was making a fashion statement. Not to mention, artists tend to push the envelope, so to speak.

Furthermore, making a statement such as that is serious. Even though, some think artistic expression has no boundaries. In other words, anything goes. Personally, I think there is a fine line. You can express your views without ruffling feathers. Of course, some would beg to differ. Nevertheless, Diddy thought it was necessary to address Ye’s antics.

On another note, Ye tried to explain to Tucker Carlson why he wore the controversial t-shirt. Fox News reported sat down with Ye. During the interview he questioned him.

The artist/designer/provocateur has been facing backlash since he sported the shirt during a surprise catwalk event held during at Paris fashion week.

West recalled a text conversation he had with his dad about the controversial statement.

“I said, ‘I thought the shirt was a funny shirt; I thought the idea of me wearing it was funny.’ And I said, ‘Dad, why did you think it was funny?’ He said, ‘Just a Black man stating the obvious.’” West told Carlson.

When Carlson pushed West on why he thinks people consider that a controversial statement, West said that it’s because he’s not acting in a way the media thinks he should act.

“Because the same people that have stripped us of our identity and labeled us as a color, have told us what it means to be Black,” West said.

Need I say more? Obviously, Ye does not see the issue with what he did. Then again, is he really trying to bring some awareness? Either way Diddy Addressed Kanye’s Antics.

diddy vs kanye

Check out the video above for more details.

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