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T.I. Goes In On Comedian Godfrey

T.I. Goes In On Comedian Godfrey

T.I. goes in on comedian Godfrey. By now we all know that T.I. is doing stand-up comedy. And, some comedians have something to say about it.

Is T.I. Throwing Shade At Comedians?

Welp, the self-proclaimed King of the South goes off. Who did Clifford “T.I.” Harris go off on? Well, it was veteran comedian Godfrey. Recently, T.I. has been receiving a lot of criticism.

Primarily because he has entered the genre of comedy. As a result, different comedians such as Godfrey had something to say about it.

Up to this point, T.I. did not have much to say. However, after hearing Godfrey’s comments about him that changed, as reported by Complex. The Atlanta rapper addressed Godfrey on social media.

Unfortunately, T.I. feels Godfrey is hating on him. Prior to this outburst, Godfrey and T.I. were both doing comedy routines at a club in Atlanta.

After Godfrey’s set. T.I. took the stage for his comedy routine. But Godfrey did not stay to see T.I. perform. Instead, Godfrey went backstage.

Later, that night, Godfrey did a commentary on his podcast” In Godfrey We Trust.” During his commentary, he had this to say about T.I., “As a headliner, no one is supposed to go up after you.”

Straightaway, the rapper fired back with this,

“What you are failing to do is recognize something, someone who could be an ally, someone who could be an asset, someone who could add value, and you misrepresenting that as opposition,”

T.I. went on to say, “Bruh, I’m not your opponent.” Clearly, T.I. was offended. Some would agree with T.I. while others would not.

As Lunell pointed out in her interview with the hosts of O’God and SamAnt.  Veteran comedians have worked hard and long to get recognition.

When a newcomer comes on the scene things can get a little hairy. Especially, if that person has already had a big name in entertainment. In this case, it’s T.I. who has crossed over into comedy.

Therefore, some comedians are up in arms. With that being said, we hope T.I. and Godfrey can squash this beef.

t.i. n godfrey

Check out the video above for more details.

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