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Did NBA Player Patrick Beverley Get Banned From ESPN Platform?

Did NBA Player Patrick Beverley Get Banned From ESPN Platform?

Did NBA Player Patrick Beverley Get Banned From ESPN Platform? Now he has found himself in hot water after showing disrespectful behavior toward ESPN reporter Malinda Adams. The incident occurred during a post-game press conference when Beverley crossed the line with his comments toward Andrews. There may be swift action against Patrick’s behavior, which could prevent him from appearing on the network.

Patrick Beverley’s Disrespectful Behavior

Did NBA Player Patrick Beverley Get Banned From ESPN Platform?

During a recent press conference, Patrick made a statement that shocked everyone. He allegedly told reporter Malinda Adams he would speak with her.

Therefore, he would only speak to reporters who subscribed to his social media channel. This caused a lot of speculation about him being banned from ESPN, as Sports Illustrated stated.

When Patrick asked Malinda if she was a subscriber, she said no. Then Patrick said this,

Another reporter then asked him a question, and allegedly, he physically pushed the mic away. And, this time, Patrick responded, ‘Get that mic out of my face.’

For many onlookers, this behavior was unexpected. According to another report by Sporting News, this incident occurred after Thursday night’s game against the Pacers.

Incidentally, the Bucks lost the game 120-98, which may have been Patrick’s issue. Anyone who knows Patrick understands his passion for the game.

Perhaps he misplaced his anger when he spoke to Malinda. However, what he allegedly said to Malind was uncalled for.

After all, she was doing her job by reporting on the game. Nevertheless, Patrick received some backlash for his comments.

ESPN Takes Action Against Beverley

ESPN issued a response to Patrick’s negative comments toward Malinda.

ESPN released a statement above about the alleged ban on Patrick for his comments. Michael McCarthy of the Front Office Sports comfirmed there was no ban.

Although, Patrick’s behavior was off colored, it does not warrant a suspension. But some think he should get some sort of penalty.

Do you think Patrick should get some sort of punishment for his actions? Or is what Patrick said to the reporter taken to far. At this point, neither ESPN or the NBA has taken any adverse action against Patrick.

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