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Gervonta Davis And Floyd Mayweather In Heated Beef

Gervonta Davis And Floyd Mayweather In Heated Beef

Gervonta Davis And Floyd Mayweather In Heated Beef. The former mentee of boxing great Floyd Mayweather fires back. Floyd made comments on Gervonta’s social media dances. The young fighter has accused Mayweather of being a “hater” and has spoken out against the criticism he has received from the boxing legend. This rift between mentor and mentee has caught the attention of fans and the boxing community alike.

Gervonta Davis Calls Out Mayweather

Gervonta Davis And Floyd Mayweather In Heated Beef.

It appears the issues between both boxers ignited last week. As I mentioned, Floyd made some comments on Gervonta’s dance moves.

And what he said was allegedly offensive to the young champ. Take a look at Gervonta’s video that re-ignited the feud.

As you can see, Gervonta was getting his groove on. However, Floyd taunted him by suggesting he had ‘sugar in his tank.’ If you are wondering what Floyd meant, it references being gay.

That is a term that was once used to describe gay men. Well, those alleged remarks caused a firestorm of comments by Gervonta. So, Gervonta and Floyd are back at their on-and-off beef again.

Floyd’s Criticism Of Boxers Such As Gervonta Hits Home

If we step back, we can see how things got heated with Gervonta. According to Vibe, Floyd made a statement on social media that prompted Gervonta to respond.

Both boxers were already beefing, and Floyd’s comments worsened things, as stated by Hot New Hip Hop.



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At this point, it does not matter who did what to whom. However, it is a tragedy that the mentee and mentor are fighting hard. Then again, this could all be publicity.

Either way, Gervonta is not backing down from Floyd. While tensions are high, will this make Floyd come out of retirement? Wouldn’t you like to see Gervonta in a professional fight with Floyd?

Now, that would be something to see. This rift may be a turning point in Davis’ career. By the way, Gervonta is claiming Floyd can’t leave Dubai. Allegedly, Floyd owes people money, and he may be in big trouble.

Of course, these are rumors, we don’t know if any of this is true.

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