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Birdman Crowns Himself Hip Hop’s Best CEO

Birdman Crowns Himself Hip Hop’s Best CEO

Birdman Crowns Himself Hip Hop’s Best CEO. He is upset that Billboard did not give him props. Brian Willams contribution was important.

Respect Birdman’s Contribution To Hip Hop

Birdman Crowns Himself Hip Hop’s Best CEO.

The Cash Money Records founder was not mentioned in Billboard’s article.

Billboard and Vibe posted their list of the 50 Greatest Rappers. You guessed it, Birdman felt he was snubbed.

In other words, Billboard left out hip hop CEO’s. He had a valid point. Here is what Brian claims,

“@billboard I see you’ll did 10 best rappers which is well respeked but what about tha CEO who made thaway for these rappers to be Supa stars fought tha battle behind doors,” Birdman wrote. “So they kan be super stars put some respek on my name and stop playin with me I’m tha best to ever doit nothing but love for all CEO ever in 50yrs of hip hop we held it down cash money rich gang STUNNAMAN tha best ever #THEGOATMAKER I doit do 4MS GLADYS #dont lie @cashmoneyofficial.”

I think you’ll agree with me when I say, Billboard should not be the authority on Hip Hop.

Sure, Billboard does make good assumptions on hip hop culture. But I agree with Birdman.

Also, pioneers in Hip Hop should be the authority on its culture. Of course, this is my opinion.

You have to admit, Birdman and other CEO’s should have been given accolades.

For this reason, Birdman has deemed himself the best CEO in Hip Hop, as reported by Hip Hop Dx.

Furthermore, Birdman told Billboard to “Put Some Respek On His Name.”

Here is the interesting part, it’s not the first time Birdman has made this statement, as reported by Vibe.

Keep in mind, Birdman blasted the hosts of The Breakfast Club (Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Ye).

His appearance on the popular podcast went viral.

Under no circumstances will Birdman let anyone disrespect him.

Obviously, Birdman feels the need to reiterate this message.

Now, can you understand why Birdman would put Billboard on notice?

Take a look at Birdman’s list of Hip Hop CEO’s, as reported by All Hip Hop. Tell me what you think?


Does Birdman deserve top billing on the list? Either way, we can’t deny Birdman’s place in Hip Hop.

Especially since, artists from Cash Money Records help to change the trajectory and landscape of Hip Hop.

Birdman Produced Some Of Hip Hop’s Most Successful Artists

Even Forbes gave Birdman respect for having the wealthiest artists (Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj.

In return, their successful caused Birdman to be very rich.

So, you can see Birdman’s perspective.

That is a legit reason to include Birdman in Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

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