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Diddy Wants to Buy BET

Diddy Wants to Buy BET

Diddy Wants to Buy BET. Sean Combs remains a businessman in his own right. Could the original pioneer of Black Entertainment become his newest venture?

Could Diddy Buy BET?

Diddy Wants to Buy BET. According to the mogul, he wants to see BET return to its home roots.

Bob Johnson launched the media company in 1980 and focused on entertaining African American audiences.

Initially, BETs airtime wasn’t much—and only included music videos and black sitcom reruns. Throughout the years, it grew to become the most widely used entity for the target Black  audience.

Certainly, BET incapsulated Black Star Power; just as its logo suggests. Well, music and media mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs thinks its time to see BET black owned again.

He believes the media remains the most impactful tool in the world. And the culture needs more control over their own narratives.

“Media is the most powerful industry in the world but it’s the industry where we have the least amount of ownership, influence and control!”

He continues:

“It’s time for @BET to be Black-owned again so we have the power to tell our own stories, control our own narrative! This is not about me it’s about WE!!!!”

Obviously, this comes at no surprise—Combs is currently the guru of all things ‘Love’.

Well, he’s in good competitive company since tycoons like Tyler Perry also expressed interest in obtaining major stake in the company.

Elsewhere, Combs describes his plan to build a strong team to grow the network.

“I’m building a team of leaders in the culture to pursue ownership in @BET together! We have to unify our power and resources to create real change! #THETIMEISNOW.”

Overall, revamping BET to the original purpose seems like a win. The content needs to focus on showing the Black community in a positive light again.

Honestly, the opportunities are endless since the BET Media Group includes BET, BET+ and VH1. So there’s plenty of ways to cater to a variety of Black audiences.

Stay tuned for updates!

Diddy Wants BET

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