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50 Cent’s Employee Scams $2M: Rapper’s Reaction

50 Cent’s Employee Scams $2M: Rapper’s Reaction

50 Cent’s Employee Scams $2M: Rapper’s Reaction. It has been revealed that one of 50 Cent’s employees managed to scam the rapper out of a jaw-dropping $2 million. This incident has shed light on the artist’s naive oversight when it comes to his financial affairs. It is truly astonishing that someone as wealthy and successful as 50 Cent could be so easily deceived by a trusted employee.

Employee Scams $2M: 50 Cent’s Naive Oversight

50 Cent’s Employee Scams $2M: Rapper’s Reaction.

Despite his tough exterior and streetwise persona, it appears that Fifty has displayed a level of naivety.

That is when it comes to managing his finances.

The employee in question, who was entrusted with handling the rapper’s financial affairs.

According to Hip Hop DX,  Mitchell Green took full advantage of this oversight.

Through a series of intricate schemes, the employee managed to siphon off a staggering $2 million.

These funds were allegedly taken from Fifty’s accounts, all without the artist’s knowledge.

It is astonishing that 50 Cent could be so easily deceived.

One would expect someone of his stature to have a team of trustworthy individuals overseeing his finances. However, this incident exposes the rapper’s lack of due diligence.

And highlights the need for him to surround himself with competent professionals.

who can protect his interests and money for that matter.

But in Fifty’s defense, this could happen to anyone.

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50 Cent’s Swift Response to Employee’s $2M Scam

Perhaps even more shocking Fifty is making arrangements to keep Green’s home.

In such a decisive move, green allegedly embezzled the $2.2 million with ease.

Which undermined Fifty’s ability to catch the scheme right away.

Fifty who is known for a no nonsense approach to his money.

So, we are not surprised that Fifty will be keeping Green’s home.

Not to mention, Fifty plans to allegedly keep some of Green’s photos.

Also, Fifty reportedly plans to seize all of Green’s personal assets.

Green is facing considerable time behind bars.

Especially since, he was found guilty of the charges.

In addition, to repaying the $2.2 m, Green will pay over $6 million to Sire Spirits.

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