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Future Reveals Valentiine’s Day Is His WORST DAY!!!!

Future Reveals Valentiine’s Day Is His WORST DAY!!!!

Future releases music video for Worst Day. After teasing the song in a snippet with Dr. Kevin Samuels.

Future Delivers By Releasing Single For ‘Worst Day’

Rapper Future teased a trailer for his song Worst Day in which he is participating in a one-on-one therapy session with a couples coach.

Well, he’s back!

In the video you see him having a conversation with controversial Dr. Kevin Samuels.

While discussing his ‘addiction’ to splurging, Future reveals that he spends millions on women.

future teases worst day trailer

Just days after that tease, he has delivered the full music video for the song, Worst Day.

In the song, the rapper reveals that Valentine’s Day is the worst day for him.

As he feels he is being used for the occasion.

Especially, since he apparently has multiple women to please.


Check out the chorus of the song –

“Valentine’s Day, the worst day, got too many to please
I popped a half a pink pill, and put my mind at ease
I bought you all these gifts, chain your heart all in pieces
Try to pass out new whips, yeah, but all you want is me
Got a Glock under her pillow, she blowin’ for my gang
Not tryna lie to you, I don’t wanna explain
Took off on a store run and jumped on a plane
Every single birthday, another private location”

Click on the photo below to see the music video of Worst Day for yourself.

future worst day song

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