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Flo Rida’s Toddler Son Hospitalized!!!!!

Flo Rida’s Toddler Son Hospitalized!!!!!

Flo Rida’s Toddler Son Hospitalized!!!!! Rapper Flo Rida’s  6 Yr old son was recently hospitalized after falling out of a 5 story window.

Rapper Flo Rida’s and Alexis Adams Son’s 5 Story Apartment Window Fall: The Latest Information!!!!!

Flo Rida refuses to meet 19-month-old son, the boy's mother claims | Daily Mail Online


According to, Flo Rida’s six year old son, Zahar Dillard remains in ICU following a fall from a five story apartment building.

Firstly, Alexis Adams is suing building management for negligence, citing negligent and careless and did not install size guards on the window.

Secondly, Adams filed the lawsuit with Hudson County Superior Court and is seeking damages to pay for her son’s injuries.

On her Twitter page, Adams was quoted as saying,

As a single mom to a special needs child, this feels like a nightmare. My heart is broken into a million pieces. It is devastating to see my child go through such pain and trauma knowing that this could have been avoided.


Flo Rida’s And Alexis Adams 6 Year Old Son Injuries: The Latest!!!!!

According to, Zahar Dillard, suffers from autism and hydrocephalus.

As a result of the tragic fall, he suffered a shattered pelvis, metatarsal fractures, a liver laceration, internal bleeding and collapsed lungs

In conclusion, I hope that Zahar pull through with no affects of his tragic accident and that they are properly compensated. We will bring you more details as they become available.

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