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DC Young Fly And Jacky Are Expecting A Boy

DC Young Fly And Jacky Are Expecting A Boy

DC Young Fly And Jacky Are Expecting A Boy. The young couple had their gender revealed. And, the news was announced to their families.

Congratulations To DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh

DC Young Fly And Jacky Are Expecting A Boy. This was exciting news for DC Young Fly whose real name is John Whitfield. He and Jacky have two girls Nova and Nala, as reported by BET.

So, both parents are elated to be adding a baby boy to their family. In case you don’t know who Whitfield is, he is a regular on the hit show “Wild-N’Out.”

Nick Cannon is the host of the wildly popular comedic sketch show, as reported by Wild ‘N’Out Wiki. Whitfield caught the attention of  Cannon, and the rest is history.

Also, Whitfield and Jacky met on the show in 2015, according to Suggest. Jacky was a model and a “Wild ‘N’ Out girl. The couple met in a hotel lobby in his first season on the show.

Currently, Jacky runs her own YouTube channel with over 738,000 subscribers.

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Whitfield has a very large following of his own on Instagram, 11 million to be exact.

Not only…but also, the couple’s first daughter Nova became a social media sensation. Especially, because Whitfield was always teasing Nova about having no hair.

Of course, it was all in fun. I really believe that Whitfield is one of the funniest comedians of his generation. In fact, we have only begun to hear about his comedic genius.

Mark my words, Whitfield is a star in the making. With that being said, did I forget to mention, Whitfield is now acting.

He can be seen in films such as “She Ball”, For the Love of Money”, “Envy”, “Seven Deadly Sins”, and “Miracle Across 125th Street.”

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