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Dave Chappelle Does Not Oppose Affordable Housing

Dave Chappelle Does Not Oppose Affordable Housing

Did comedian Dave Chappelle oppose affordable housing or not? There were conflicting reports about what happened. Chappelle threatened to pull his financial support from his hometown. But why?

Was There Really Affordable Housing Being Offered?

According to a report by The Grio, we only know parts of the story. In this account written by economist Michael Harriet, here is what allegedly really took place.

of course, we are aware that housing prices have skyrocketed since the onset of the Pandemic. So, when you hear any news about affordable housing being built it’s good news.

However, this time, we heard that Chappelle did not want affordable housing to be built in his hometown in Ohio.

Clearly, something does not add up in this situation. Taking a look from a bird’s eye view it appears Chappelle is in direct option to affordable housing. But when you look further you find out that is not the case.

Many were quick to pass judgment on Chapelle, without having the facts.

Here is a short explanation, Chapelle is a native of Yellow Springs Ohio. Yellow Springs is a small quaint town with a population of around 3,872.  There is a large percentage of whites 82.36%. Other ethnicities within the population are Black or African American 11.73%, and Hispanic 4.36%.

In order to understand Chappelle’s opposition, you must know the economy, demographics, and other determining factors.

Also, the Village Council has already adopted a goal to provide racially diverse affordable housing. Therefore, what Oberer Land Developers were offering was not”affordable housing.”

The Developers were only offering to build some townhomes and duplexes on the 52.65 acres of land. Chappelle vehemently disapproved of the new development at the Yellow Springs town hall meeting.

So, in the so-called “PUD” or “Oberer plan”, there was no plan for any affordable housing. So, there you have it. Furthermore, we should always get the facts before passing judgment. Wouldn’t you agree?

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