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Breaking News: Chris Brown Arrested Again!

Breaking News: Chris Brown Arrested Again!
Breaking News : Chris Brown arrested again!
According to a CNN report, singer an actor, Chris Brown was arrested in Palm Beach County, Florida after a performance.  Brown was served a warrant for his arrest for an incident that happened outside of a night club on April, 17, 2017 in Tampa, Florida. Supposedly, Brown allegedly, “sucker punched” a 29 – year – old club photographer who was taking pictures of him after a paid appearance at AJA Channelside. Brown arrived at a venue for an after party showing.  In this latest incident was able to post bail for  a meager $2000 and was released around midnight.

Is Chris Brown a trouble man?

Chris Brown is no stranger to the law. The well publicized case where Brown was arrested in 2009 for allegedly beating his then girlfriend, famous entertainer, Rihannacaused Brown all kinds of trouble. Pictures surfaced all over social media. So many people were outraged at Brown for beating Rihanna.
Brown later apologized to Rihanna. In an interview, Brown talked about what happened the night the altercation took place. However, the damage was already done to his reputation. It seems that Brown just can’t stay out of trouble with the law. Brown received five years probation and community service for criminal assault against Rihanna.
Brown’s trouble did not stop there, he was arrested again in 2013 along with his bodyguard for felony assault in an altercation outside of a hotel in Washington, DC. The charges were later reduced to a misdemeanor and Brown was released without having to pay bail.
Later that year, Brown was kicked out of rehab for smashing his mother’s car window. Brown was ordered to go directly to another rehab program by the judge on his case.  Brown starting dating actress Karueche Tran. Tran was Brown’s on and off again girlfriend. Tran told the judge that Brown has punched her in her stomach and pushed her down the stair. In January 2017 Tran reported that she finally broke up with Brown. The break up did not stop Brown from harassing and threatening Tran. Tran filed for a restraining order on Brown. She was granted a five year permanent restraining order by the judge on the case.
Brown has beef with Soulja BoyCharlamagne Tha GodFuture and Quavo, it is clear that Brown is in a very bad mental state. It is very sad that such a talented young man seems to be so troubled. Hopefully, Brown will recognize that he needs counseling and anger management.
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