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Benzino Embarrasses his Celebrity Daughter, Coi Leray

Benzino Embarrasses his Celebrity Daughter, Coi Leray

Monday (February 21) Benzino, Coi Leray’s father, took another blow to their rocky relationship. Over the weekend, Benzino and Nicki Minaj teased a collaboration between their daughters.

“She got this song with Nicki Minaj that’s gonna be coming out that’s gonna be crazy,” Benzino said. “Yup, her and Nicki did some shit.”

Afterward, the “Twinnem” rapper took to Instagram Live and explained to her father that he should “play the back” because it’s now her turn to manage her own image in the spotlight.

When Celebrity Parents Embarrass Their Celebrity Children

“He gotta play the back gracefully because it’s my turn now,” she explained. “You know? It’s my turn, daddy. I’ma need you to sit the fuck down, grab some popcorn, enjoy the show and clap for me when it’s time to clap for me.”

Eventually, Nicki Minaj was made aware of the rumors. After releasing two collabs with Lil Baby, the Bronx rapper denied any more collaborations were on the way that day.

“I don’t have a collab coming with anyone,” she wrote. “Onika mode love you.”

Coi Leray: Embarrassed By Her Former Love and Hip Hop Star Father

Due to Coi Leray’s love for Nicki and being under unnecessary stress because of her reality TV show father Benzino, Coi Leray took to Twitter to express her frustration.

In the end, Benzino apologized publicly to Nicki Minaj and his daughter on Twitter.

Benzino Apologizes for Embarrassing His Daughter Coi Leray

“I just wanna apologize to Coi, Nicki everyone involved, I meant no harm nor did I mean to offend or disrespect anyone,” he penned. “I know better, it’s a business of trust and I broke that. I feel horrible and sad. I am 100 percent in the wrong and it will never happen again. Smh.”

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